USB midi controller description


Full control for Amplitube, Guitar Rig, Revalver, Ableton Live, any DAW or software which can handle midi!
Turn your favorite guitar amp software into a fully functional multi-effect unit with a volume or wah pedal!
My goal was to create an inexpensive but usable midi footswitch with pedal for wah effect for my favorite guitar effect software Guitar Rig.
You can connect an external pedal for wah, volume, etc. (not included).Calibration support!
Plug and play, no driver or installation needed. Just plug it into a free USB slot and your OS will recognize it.

Just enable 'ActitioN USB Midi controller' in your software settings and you’re ready to go.

Two controller modes: To activate mode 1 press buttons 1&2&3. To activate mode 2 press buttons 2&3&4 (All LEDs will blink for half a second to indicate this).
    Mode 1:  Changing  presets. The  controller  sends  program  change (PC) MIDI  messages.  The  LEDs   indicates   which   preset   is   working.

                 I designed this mode for standalone softwares, Amplitube, Guitar Rig, Bias, etc.

                 Check the 1st demo video with Guitar Rig.
    Mode 2:  In mode 2 the controller sends Control Change (CC) MIDI messages. The LEDs indicate the state.

                 It allows you turn functions/effects on and off individually. .
                 Momentary mode: in mode 2, press a button for 10 seconds to switch to momentary mode. (All LEDs will blink for half a second to indicate this).

                 Momentary  mode  allows you to use non-on/off functions like ‘previous/next preset’, ‘tape deck play’ etc.

                 The  LEDs do not light up in momentary mode since it's unnecessary.

                 I designed this mode for DAWs.

                 Check the 2nd demo video with Ableton Live.

The device saves mode/momentary settings of course.

With these two modes you can use all the functions of your software. Every software works very similar as you can see in the demo videos.
External pedal input: you can connect any standard pedal (Roland FV50 for example) with a 6.3mm (¼ inch) stereo jack (TRS).

If you can’t use the full range of the pedal you may have to calibrate it.
Calibration:  Step 1:turn the pedal to minimum position and press  button 1 AND button 3. (All LEDs blinking for half a second to indicate this)
                 Step 2:turn the pedal to maximum position and press button 1 AND button 4. (All LEDs blinking for half a second to indicate this)
The device will save the calibration data so you only have to do it once.

External pedal schematic: